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Unity Primary Academy

Giving every child every chance, every day.


Recent Activities

Summer Term:

'Can you escape a predator?'

 The children are investigating what living things are predators, what they eat and how they hunt. We are learning about different animals on land, sea and in the air. We will investigate plants that are predators, looking at their life cycle.  

In English, we have wrote Haiku's about a Predator. The children have learnt to origins of a Haiku and there structure of 5, 7, 5 syllables. The children performed their poem with actions, allowing the rest of the children to guess their chosen predator and prey.

In Maths, we have been learning about shapes. The children went hunting around the playground finding vertical and horizontal lines. They have also explored rotations - quarter, two quarter and three quarters along with clockwise and anti-clockwise. 

In Maths, we used modelling clay to create 3D shapes using toothpicks. 

Spring Term:

‘What makes Ancient Greece Ancient?’

The children have shown great enthusiasm for this topic and have learnt many different facts about the past and how the past has an effect on the present day. 

We have been writing diary entries and character profiles as Greek Gods. We have written recipes – the children had an amazing time making tzatziki and trying a new food. By the end of this term, all of the children will have completed a tourist guide to Ancient Greece covering everything they have learnt from our project including the skills taught in their grammar lessons. 

We had a visit from ‘Portals to the Past’, where we explored what armour was worn by the Spartans and Athenians, we took part in a mini Olympic games and played Greek puzzles and games. We also answered a quiz all about the Ancient Greeks. 

The children have performed using an instrument called a PBuzz, which has been taught by an external music teacher, the children have thoroughly enjoyed this experience and we will continue to enhance their music knowledge into Summer term. 

Finally, for our 11 before 11 challenge this year, the children have taken part in a flash mob surprising unsuspecting parents in school with a short dance sequence they learned this half term. 

Autumn Term:

‘What’s above my head? What’s below my feet?’

As part of this project we investigated Rocks, Volcanoes, Earthquakes and The Solar System. We took part in our very own rock hunt and discovered the different types of rock. We looked at the different parts of a volcano as well as how they are formed and where they are found. We even created our own volcano using Bicarbonate of soda, washing up liquid and vinegar!  As part of our English work, we read the story ‘Escape from Pompeii’ and wrote a recount as if we were survivors of the eruption disaster. 

We discovered that when the Earth’s tectonic plates move, this can cause an Earthquake. We experimented with making earthquake-proof structures, using cocktail sticks, marshmallows and jelly, that could withstand the effects of a tremor. 


Later in the term, we started to research the planets in our solar system. First of all, we created our own mnemonics to help us to remember the order. We learned that the Earth orbits the sun, which is why we have night and day. Whilst learning about at gravity, we made predictions about how quickly different objects would reach the ground when dropped them and discovered that heavier objects fall the fastest. In addition, we also got to know some important people in history, including Galileo Galilei and Neil Armstrong. 

As a year group, we created a very successful exhibition at the end of the term to show all of our hard work and were able to enjoy a trip to the Natural History and Science museums to consolidate our learning.