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Describe yourself as an Egyptian God, what powers would you have, how would you be dressed and why would people worship you? Remember to have an Egyptian style name too and if you can, write it in hieroglyphics.


Complete Lesson 4 - Understand Thousandths 

We have covered this before, so please remind yourself using the helpful video then complete the questions into your home learning book. You can then check your understanding using the answer booklet.

Try something a bit trickier...


Log onto Reading Buddy - Write a short setting description of your choice, so instead of a forest it might be in space for example. Describe using the 5 senses.


Read through the presentation then design your own symbol for forgiveness and answer the questions on the final review page.


Read the facts about the Ancient Egyptian Death Masks then answer the questions and complete the challenges given.


Get energised with Joe at 9am and complete his workout from his YouTube channel.