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Happy Friday!

Click on the link below and please complete the questionnaire honestly. This will help me with your learning and hopefully make next week more customised to you. 

Chester Zoo

Enjoy a whole day of animal antics LIVE from your sofa at Chester Zoo.

Live stream from animal enclosures from 10am today on Facebook.


Complete the SPAG and Up-Levelling Activity, you can choose *, ** or *** 


Lesson 5 - Thousandths as Decimals

Continue your understanding of decimals, you’re doing really well with this so keep going.

Try something a little more challenging...


Complete the reading comprehension


Today, I would like you to learn about an artist and attempt to draw an Egyptian mask using pen. Remember it cannot be rubbed out, so think carefully about your lines and then add detail once confident. I’ve added pictures of different masks on the slideshow, or you can find your own online. I’m looking forward to seeing them, enjoy. 


Complete the meditation activity and online colouring, remember it’s been a long week and it’s important to spend time sitting quietly focusing on one task and our thoughts.


Complete the daily workout with Joe Wicks