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Bean Diary

I can not believe how much the bean has grown in 4 weeks! It is now so big, that I will need to plant it in my garden with all the other vegetables!


I will continue to upload pictures so that we can fill out the diary and see if any beans will grow!


Don't forget to send me  pictures of flowers, fruit or vegetables you have grown!

I have needed to add this picture of my bean a few days early, because it has grown so much.


I think I will need to plant it in my garden soon!!


Don't worry I will continue to take pictures and measure the bean so that you can all see how well it is growing! Hopefully we will see some beans grow too!!

Bean - Week 2

It has been one week since I planted the bean! I have been giving it a little bit of water every couple of days!


Today I went to water it, and it had started to grow!laugh


See the pictures below!


I have included a picture with a tape measure, so that you can record how tall it is and a picture of my diary!


Please send me pictures if you have been able to grow anything at home!

Bean - week 1