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Spelling Test 


Due to a technical difficulty, I cannot read the spellings out loud to you this week. Please ask an adult to read last week's spellings (Thursday May 7th) for your spelling test. 



Each week, we will be giving you a spelling test! Please choose your challenge. The red group spellings are slightly less challenging than the green spellings. The orange group is the middle challenge. 


well                     chat                       with

fell                      chin                       which

tell                      such                      dolphin

will                      church                   phone

pull                     bench                     elephant




Today we would like you to practise your handwriting skills. In your purple books try writing a line of ‘f’ in lower-case and then try writing a capital F. 

Try to think of words that use t e.g. flag, fun, fine, face and write a line of each word. 


Tip: You could listen to some relaxing music to help you keep calm and concentrate. 



Can you write using joins between the letters?

Try writing this 'F' inspired tongue twister... 


Funny frogs found furry Fred flying a ferociously flapping flag.   


How fast can you say it?!? Can you make up your own tongue twister using as many words beginning with 'f' as possible? 

Write the Letter F

Let's learn how to write the letter F