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God's Story: The Good Samaritan

The Good Samaritan 

This story from the Bible teaches us about being generous, helpful and kind no-matter what. Watch or read the story and then complete the activity below. 


Write these sentences in the right order.

  • The Samaritan paid the innkeeper and asked him to care for the man.
  • He was robbed and left for dead.
  • He put him on his donkey and took him to an inn.
  • A Samaritan saw the man, and he stopped to help.
  • A priest saw him by the side of the road, but did not stop to help.
  • A man went on a journey from Jerusalem to Jericho.
  • A Levite came along the road, but he passed the man by.



What is the moral of the story? (if you are not sure what a moral is then it means what is the key message that the story is telling us)