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Watch or read the story using the video below. 

Biff's Aeroplane

Let's up-level!


When we up-level, it means we read what we have written and we think of ways to add more detail to make it more interesting for the reader. 


For example:


The girl rode her bike. 


Let's add more detail to made this more interesting for the reader. 


The friendly girl called Rose rode her shiny pink bike along the quiet muddy path through the woods. 


This gives the reader a much better idea of what is happening in the story. 



Read the sentences below. Re-write the sentences in your books and up-level them to make them more interesting.

Remember to use the pictures to help you add detail. 


Now read back all your sentences... you have rewritten the story of Biff's Aeroplane. Do you like your version the best? Yes...That's because you've added more details. Up-levelling is a great way to improve your writing.