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Continuing the story of Supertato - Evil Pea Rules 


Re-watch the video of Supertato - Evil Pea Rules, pause the video after 1:22 and recap what you have written about so far. Now watch from 1:22 to 2:26. 


Now have a go at writing the next part of the story. You can replay the video to help you remember each part.


Don't forget to use capital letters, finger spaces and full stops.

Attached is an example of what you could write.


Metal Table - Please say your sentences out loud to an adult. Then working with your adult use your phonics to sound out each sound in a word. Adults and children can take it in turns to write each word of a sentence. 


Plastic, glass and paper - Please say your sentence out loud at least twice to help you remember what you would like to write. Don't forget to use adjectives and conjunctions to make your writing exciting!