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Fix the sentence

Read the information about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores below and then have a go at fixing the sentences. 


Match the word to the definition and then write them as full sentences in your books. 


Herbivores are animals that eat both plants and meat. 
Carnivores are animals that only eat plants such as trees, flowers, seeds and nuts. 
Omnivores are animals that eat only meat. 


Fact Checking

Read the sentences below and use the information in the text to correct my mistakes. 


Dinosaurs that ate only plants were tall and skinny.


Later herbivore dinosaurs evolved to have short necks so they could reach the plants on the ground. 


Carnivore dinosaurs, such as a diplodocus, were prey. This means that other dinosaurs would chase and eat them. 


The compsognathus was the biggest carnivore as it was about the size of a cow.


Most dinosaurs were omnivores and they ate a mixture of fish and other dinosaurs. 


The omnivore dinosaurs were like birds and had scales and fins.