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Write a diary entry


Imagine that you are the boy from the video clip from Monday/Tuesday. (Go back and watch it again to help you)

Write a diary entry to tell the story from your point of view.


Make a plan first by answering the following questions.

Was this your first attempt at blowing clouds?

Who is the man and why is he training you?

How were you feeling before your training?

What was it like trying to blow your first cloud?

What did the man say to you when you bent the wand?

Were you expecting what happened next?

How will you remember this day?


Here are some words to help you in your writing:

Man: bearded, skilled, compassionate, patient, caring, able, thoughtful, kind, expert, encouraging.

Clouds: drifted, flexible, endless, coasted, buoyant, delicate, meandered, floated, hovered, varied, cottony.