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Analyse / Read

WALT – predict  the theme of a narrative from what is implied through images

I can use my inference skills

I can work out where the story is set

I can work out  who the characters are and their relationship with each other

I can predict what the story is going to be about and what might happen

I can prove from the images what the themes might be

For English today you will be looking at the narrative Stone Age Boy by Satoshi Kitamura, which links to our new History Topic Tribal Tales. 

Read and look at the pictures on pages 7 - 12 on the powerpoint below.

Stone Age Boy Narrative

Once you have read the story. Think about these questions

Where so you think the story is set?

What clues are there that show that this is set in another time and culture? How do you know? What clues are there?

Who do you think the characters are? Who do you think is the main character? Why do you think this?

What is the relationship between the characters? Why do you think this?

How are the characters similar or different from each other?

Once you have thought about the questions look at pages 12 and 13. Use these to predict what you think the narrative is about and give reasons for your ideas. Think about who the characters are and where the story is set to help you.