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WALT: To write a letter


Have you written a thank you letter before? Today you are going to write a letter from the Jolly Postman to Goldilocks to say thank you for having you at her birthday party


What shall we include in our letter?


  • Who is the letter to?


For example:

      To Goldilocks

or   Dear Goldilocks



  • Make sure you use ‘I’ and ‘me’ because today YOU are the Jolly Postman!


For example:

Thank you for inviting me to your party. I had a great time!



  • What was your favourite part of the party?  Use the word ‘because’ if you can!


For example:

My favourite part of the party was playing ‘Postman’s Knock’ because everyone pretended they were a postman!




Can you ask Goldilocks a question?

For example:

Do you like being 8 years old?

Did you enjoy your party?

Try to think of your own question if you can!



  • How will you end the letter?

For example:

Hope to see you soon,

Love from,

The Jolly Postman

Here is an example letter

Use a template or write your letter in your home learning books



Look at the letter from Goldilocks. Can you decorate your letter with pictures of the party? You could draw balloons, cake and even presents!

Can you draw pictures around the edge of your letter, like this one?