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Shape Poems


Shape poems are where you arrange the words on the page to make shapes of what the poem is about. This enhances the meaning of the poem and makes it exciting to read!


Here are some examples. 

Your task today is to write a shape poem about a snake! Start by brainstorming all the words you can when you think of the word 'snake'. 


Use the word mat to help you. 

Now it's time to put your words you have brainstormed together to make a sentence. Then start at the end of the snake and write your sentence. Colour in your snake lightly with colouring pencils. 




Write your own poem in the shape of an animal of your choice! Remember to brainstorm your words first to make writing your sentence easier. 





What has been your favourite type of poem that we have looked at this week? We have looked at rhyming poems, Acrostic poems and shape poems!