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The Magic Porridge 


The title of our new book is 'The Magic Porridge'.  Today we are going to look at the front cover and make a prediction about what the story is going to be about. 


What is a prediction? 


A prediction is your best guess about what is going to happen in the story, based on what you can see on the front cover. 



Your Task


Your task is to write a prediction about what the story is going to be about. To do this we need to become detectives!


Think about:


- Who do you think the characters are on the front? 

- How do they look?  Happy/scared/excited? 

- What are they doing? 

- Think about the title of the story. How do you think the porridge will be magical? 

- What exciting event do you think might happen in the story? 


Remember, you predictions don't have to be correct, you just have to make your best guess from the evidence on the front cover! 

Here is an example prediction for you to look at. 

Choose your challenge. 


You can either fill in the gaps or use the sentence starters to write your own prediction.