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Let's create our own character


This week we have been reading the Magic Porridge Pot.


The main character is a little girl called Rose and we have described her character by using exciting adjectives. 


Today we are going to create our own character. Think about: 


- Is your character a boy or a girl? 

- How old is your character? 

- What is your character wearing? 

- Is your character a goodie or a baddie? 

- What words describe your character's personality? (e.g. happy, kind, joyful, friendly, frustrating, cheeky)



Your Task 


Your task today is to draw your character in the middle of your page. Write adjectives to describe your character around the edge of the picture. 


Make sure if you colour your character's hair as brown you write 'brown hair'! 

Next week we are going to be adding your new character into the story. 




Write a full sentence about your character using the adjectives you have come up with.