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Let's put our character into the story 


On Friday, we created our own character to become the main character of the Magic Porridge Pot. 


Today we are going re-tell the first part of the story. 

Watch the video to remind yourself of what happens! 

The Magic Porridge Pot

Your Task


Your task is to write the story up to the part where your character runs home to show the Magic Porridge Pot to mother. 


Remember that you are using your own character. For example, if your character was called Reggie, you could start your story like this:


Once upon a time, a boy called Reggie lived with his mother in a tiny cottage. They sometimes did not have enough to eat, not even a bean. One day, Reggie decided to go into the woods. "You look hungry" said a kind Old Lady. "Here, have this". She gave him a Magic Cooking Pot! The Old Lady told him that there was a special rhyme to make the porridge start and stop cooking. Reggie was overjoyed, and ran home to show his mother. 


Remember to use your story map to help you!

Tomorrow we will be writing the middle part of the story, using your own character.