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Let's put our character into the middle part of the story 


Today we are going re-tell the middle part of the story. 

If you need, watch the video to remind yourself of what happens! 

The Magic Porridge Pot

Your Task


Your task is to re write the story from when your character showed the Magic Porridge Pot to mother up until the part where mother could not stop the porridge from over flowing! 


Remember that you are using your own character. Here is an example to help you. 


Reggie and his mother ate porridge for breakfast, dinner and tea. Every day they invited the neighbours to share the porridge too. One day, Reggie went for a walk and his mother decided to cook some porridge. She was so busy doing her cleaning that she forgot to tell the Magic Pot to stop cooking! The porridge boiled and bubbled until it over flowed, onto the floor, down the road and into town. 


Remember to use your story map to help you!