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Let's put our character into the final part of the story 


Today we are going re-tell the end of the story. 

If you need, watch the video to remind yourself of what happens!

The Magic Porridge Pot,

Your Task


Your task is to re write the story from when the porridge spills over the pot, down the road and into the village to the very end of the story. 


Remember that you are using your own character. Here is an example to help you. 


Down in the town, the people couldn't believe their eyes. The porridge gushed down the street and rose as high as everyone's knees! Reggie came back from his walk and gasped.

"Reggie, help stop the porridge! Can you remember the special rhyme?" cried his mother. 

Reggie took a deep breath and said the magic rhyme and the porridge stopped pouring out of the pot. 

"Well done!" said everyone.

What could they do with all that porridge?



Remember to use your story map to help you!



Draw a picture of what the villagers could do with all the porridge. Look at the picture to give you some ideas.