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Here is the beginning of a story about Stevie the Spider. What happens next? 


Stevie the Spider lived under the stairs in a dark and cosy cupboard. Stevie made lots of webs to make his cupboard look nice and he was very proud of his hard work.  "I'm so lucky to be safe and comfortable in such a nice cupboard", he would often say to himself.


One morning, when Stevie was still in bed, he heard a big rumble come from outside in the hallway. 

"Hoover day again" grumbled Stevie, sleepily. "It's a bit noisy, but I'll just put my hands over my ears. Human lady never comes in here!"


Just as Stevie was rolling over to go back to sleep, something caught his eye. Very slowly, the door began to open.... 


Divide your page into 6 boxes and draw the rest of the story. Write a sentence underneath each box to describe what's happening. 




Write the rest of the story using full sentences. Don't forget to use capital letters and full stops. Make your writing exciting by adding lots of adjectives and adverbs!