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Percy The Park Keeper - After the Storm

Percy the Park Keeper

This week we will be reading and writing about Percy the Park Keeper by Nick Butterworth. Please read the book or watch it on the video then complete the activity.  

Percy the park Keeper - After the storm

How does Percy feel about the storm? How can you tell? Write the answer in your purple books. 

Draw a square or window like the one below in your purple book. Draw yourself looking out at the storm. How do you feel? Can you write a sentence describing what you can hear and see? Include lots of adjectives (bright, terrifying, howling, moody, angry, swirling etc). 

Challenge: include a simile (as _____ as a ______) 



Outside the howling wind was swirling the leaves around like a dancing ballerina. I could see the rain making big puddles on the paths and every now and then there was a huge flash of bright lightening followed by a rumble of thunder that shook the whole house.