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Today we would like you to write down as many facts about sharks as you can!

Picture 1

Answer the questions in full sentences. 


1. How long have sharks been on the Earth? 

Sharks have been on the Earth for ____ million years. 

2. Were sharks here before the dinosaurs? 

Sharks were/were not swimming in the oceans even before the dinosaurs. 

3. How many types of shark are there? 

There are over ____ types of shark. 

4. How big can they get?

Sharks can be as little as ______ inches to as big as ______ feet in size. 


Below is the link for a website where you can find many more facts about sharks. Follow the pages using the <prev and >next buttons at the bottom of each page. 

Write down as many facts as you can!  


Can you find the answer to these questions:

  • How powerful are shark jaws? 
  • How many teeth do they grow in their life time? 
  • Are all shark teeth the same? 
  • Do sharks usually eat alone? 
  • What do sharks eat? 
  • Do all sharks eat meat? 
  • Do the biggest sharks eat the biggest meals? 
  • Are sharks really dangerous? 
  • Can we eat sharks? 
  • What are baby sharks called? 
  • What is their strongest sense? 
  • Do they have any unusual abilities?  ​​​​​