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Today we are going to write a postcard!


What is a post card?


A postcard is something you send in the post when you have been on holiday or visited somewhere new. You send a post card to a friend or someone in your family to tell them about your trip and all the interesting things you have seen. It has a picture on the front of where you visited.


For example, if you have been to London, you might send a post card with one these landmarks on the front: 


Now watch the video 

A Day in London

Imagine you were with Biff, Chip and Kipper on their adventure in London!

 Write a post card about your favourite part of the day. Who is your postcard going to be to? 



Remember to include:

Here is an example postcard for you to look at: 



Design the front of your postcard. Why have you chosen this picture? Read your postcard out loud.