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Friday 10th July


This week, you have completed four reading comprehensions! So, today, your reading is your own free choice.

You could use Reading Buddy or simply read a book of your own.

Why not have a go at reading something online? (Remember to be safe!)


So, this week, we have been trying to learn some of the words from the Year 3/4 Spelling List.

Each day, you have had six words, which you have found/revised the spellings and meanings of.

Today, looking at all of the spellings for this week, I would like you to choose five to use in a short story.


Here's a recap of the choices:


  • Choose a theme for your story - mystery, adventure, fantasy, historical, dilemma, etc.
  • Make sure there is a plot (beginning, build-up, problem, resolution, ending).
  • Choose either first person (I, me, my) or third person and stick to it.
  • Describe settings and characters, keeping it simple by not having too many.
  • Use correct punctuation to make the story easier to read.


Today is a problem solving day.

As you have been learning about Shapes and their Properties, today's problem is linked to shapes.

You also need to use your brain to visualise - imagine something in your mind - which is a tricky skill!

Overlapping Shapes

Match these pairs of shapes with the shape you would get if you overlapped them:

What other interesting overlap shapes can you make using a square, a rectangle and an equilateral triangle?


Or maybe you might want to choose some pairs of quadrilaterals and find their overlap shapes.

I'd also like to test your maths knowledge today!

Here is a Maths Calendar for the month of July - a different maths question for every day in July!

You can start today by catching up on the days we have already missed.

You will need to use everything you have learned so far. It might also help to talk to a parent/sibling about some of them. 


Next week is the last week of term! Therefore, it is also the last week of online learning from me (although there's plenty to do - check your new class pages).


So, I would like you to think of some things you might like to learn about and let me know!


Send your suggestions to me (Mrs Sibley) via the contact form on Churchill page - even if you are in Williams!

Getting Active in July

Usually the sun shines in July and so it's a great month to get outside.

Here is a short active task for everyday in July - you could also use it in August too if you get bored during the summer break.