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Friday 15th May, 2020

Good morning Benenson!

Happy Friday! Another week down and another week closer to normality. How are you all feeling? I know a lot of you have had enough of this now, believe me I completely understand. However, I am so proud of how far you have come and everything that you have been doing. Keep it up! 
On Monday, I will give you a new vocabulary word (can I top flibbertigibbet? We shall see!) so be prepared. If there is anything specific that you would like to work on next week, please let me know. If there’s a maths concept you’re finding tricky or maybe some grammar you want to review, send me a message. 
Have a lovely weekend everyone!
-Mrs Hartfield

Morning Work

Morning Work  1

Maths- algebra revision

You’ve been practising your algebra skills all week. Now try some reasoning and see how you do. There is a revision guide included if you need some help. If you are still stuck, contact me through the contact form.

Writing Task

Writing Task 1


Vocabulary 1
How many sentences can you create using the word flibbertigibbet? 
Challenge: use this week's word in your writing task. 

Topical task - reading and writing

Read the articles from This Week Junior and complete the activities.

Geography- choose your task

Geography- choose your task 1

You can choose to either make outdoor art or learn about food miles. Google outdoor art; see if you can recreate something or make your own original pieces.
To track food miles, look at the food you have in the house and see where it comes from. Find a map online and see just how far your food has travelled to arrive at your house. Bonus points for figuring out the exact miles a food has travelled.


Thursday’s Answers

Thursday’s Answers 1
Thursday’s Answers 2
Thursday’s Answers 3