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Friday 19th June

I’m in Lockdown!

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Good Morning, 


It's singing assembly time today so I thought I'd rekindle the song I wrote for you all 'We're in Lockdown'. I know I did this before Easter but here we are 'still in Lockdown'. See if you can sing along with me too (lyrics below). If you would like to record yourself singing it and send me a video I’d love to make a video of you all joining in!


Miss you all Year 2! 


Mrs Nie & Miss Procter 

We're in Lockdown


I can't go out to play, 

I can't leave this room, 

I'm teaching from home, 

But I don't have a clue!


I'm in lockdown, ohh in Lockdown. 


Since I left from school, 

I've been trying to phone, 

To see how you kids, 

Are doing at home, 


You're in lockdown, ohh in Lockdown. 


So work is with mum, 

And that seems just fine, 

We're learning to read 

and write, whilst online. 


Kids in lockdown, ohh in Lockdown. 


I'm trying to get out, 

Tryin to stay sane, 

Tryin to be me, 

But that's not the same, 

Tryin to be mum, 

Trying to work too, 

Try no to frown, 

But I'm missing you! 


So be good at home, 

And listen to your mum, 

I'll see you all soon, 

Then we can have fun! 


After lockdown, ohh after lockdown!