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Continue and finish your leaflet with information on evacuation and what children experienced. Use the poster to consider how it should look, it doesn’t want to be plain - remember to follow the checklist and make it look interesting.


This is your final lesson on modal verbs and adverbs, hopefully you’ve got the hang of them  but remember to rewatch the video from Monday and the pdf ppt below ahead of attempting the quiz. As an extra challenge, have conversations with your adults at home and try to identify any model verbs/adverbs they use within their sentences.


Try to complete the Friday Maths Challenges on the BBC Bitesize page, find the answers at the bottom of the page.


We have finished chapter 5 ready for the next chapter from Monday. Below is a multiple choice activity that covers all of chapter 5 so if you’ve missed anything, remember to go back to the days you’ve missed so you’re following the story clearly. 

We’re going to start quickening the pace of the book from next week, ideally covering two chapters a week so we can finish it before the end of term...don’t worry, you’ll still have some questions then just a reading task on Thursday and Friday (I’ll continue reading it as well). 


We will begin our new focus of Money for our PSHE lessons. Today, you will be looking at financial risk and how to store and invest money. Go through the pdf ppt presentation first, attempt the matching vocabulary task and consider the scenario cards on the slideshow below. Once you’re confident with your understanding, create a poster exploring the risks of financial investment and savings.