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Friday 27th March 2020


Take - away problems


For today's maths, I would like you to have a go at solving some problems which involve taking numbers away from each other. 


1. Find some bricks in two different colours. Make a tower using one set of bricks in one colour, whilst your grown up builds a tower of bricks in a different colour. Are your towers the same? Which one has fewer? Which has more?


2. Place 10 raisins or a different small treat. If you eat 5, how many will you have left? How do you know? Can you eat 5 and check?


3. Line up 8 toys cars in a car park. If you take 3 cars away, how many cars will be left in the car park? Count back 3 from 8.


Remember to put photos up on Tapestry, so we can see all the amazing Maths you have been doing.