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Friday 5th June


Miss Stanbridge and Mrs Sibley love reading books by Anthony Browne. This story is about a little boy who goes into a forest. It's not a rainforest but it's definitely got some interesting things happening in it! Watch the video, listening to the story and following the text.

Into the Forest by Anthony Browne

There were some familiar characters and events in that story.

Make a list in your workbooks of all the familiar parts and the names of the stories they are similar to.


Today, I'd like to take you on a trip - to the rainforest! Ok, we can't go on any real trips but we can go virtually! Watch the videos below and experience what it's really like in the rainforest... 

Virtual Field Trip - Amazon Rainforest

Yesterday, I asked you to think about what you might see, hear, feel, smell and perhaps taste in the rainforest. How close do you think your ideas were?


Now watch the next video - this one takes you a little further into the rainforest with a real virtual tour. Make notes of the conditions and how you might feel if you were there. Use these notes to write a postcard to either Mrs Sibley or Miss Stanbridge to tell them what you are experiencing! Don't forget to send it to them via the upload link!


Challenge: Towards the end of the video, the narrator tells you about some of the problems that the people living in the rainforest are experiencing. Make a list of them and we'll think about these more next week.

Under The Canopy (360 video)


On Fridays you will be doing a Maths Investigation where you might need to use all your maths skills to work out the answer. There may be more than one answer so you may need to work systematically to find all the possibilities. Use your workbook to complete the investigations. 

Answers for Thursdays maths learning

Here are some videos to help you if you have been struggling with Monday - Thursday maths learning


Topic today is going to be DT and art. 

You are going to make a Triarama. 

Watch the video below which explains how to make them.

Your Triarama is going to be about the Rainforest and the animals

Your challenge is to either draw or use collage materials to show the different layers of the rainforest. Then, draw the animals which have their habitat in to put in the different layers.

Then you need to use your understanding and learning from this week in about the rainforest in the parts where the writing goes by following the video.


They are going to be amazing!!! 


Mrs Sibley and I would love to see your finished triarams so when you have completed it upload a photo of it