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Friday 5th June 2020

Good morning everyone!
How are you all this morning? I am missing the sunshine and warm weather. Do you have any fun plans for the weekend? I am looking forward to watching some movies in my PJs, if I’m honest with you. This weather isn’t very inviting.

How are you getting on with your work? Remember, I’m here to help you if you need it. Today I have give you some art work to do. Please send me some photos of your completed work, I would love to see your creations!
Have a lovely day and a great weekend!
-Mrs Hartfield

Morning Work

Morning Work  1

Maths - Choose your Challenge

Maths - Choose your Challenge 1
Maths - Choose your Challenge 2
Maths - Choose your Challenge 3


Reminder: 1
Reminder: 2

Word of the Week

Word of the Week 1
Word of the Week 2
Today’s task is to see how many sentences you can create using indefatigable. 
How many times did you drop the word into conversation yesterday? I managed 7. Who beat me?

Creative Writing with Pobble 365

Challenge: use indefatigable in your writing task. 

Reading Task- with answers

Today you will be learning about American artist Georgia O’Keeffe. I have included an information sheet, which will help you understand who she is, a drawing task and some example pictures. 

Georgia O’Keeffe Art Work

Georgia O’Keeffe Art Work 1
Georgia O’Keeffe Art Work 2
Georgia O’Keeffe Art Work 3
Georgia O’Keeffe Art Work 4