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Hi Guys!!                                              Monday 22nd June 2020


I hope you are all happy and well!

What lovely weather we are having again and this week is set to be a scorcher! I managed to go for a walk along the beach at the weekend with my family. I hope you have been able to go out and enjoy the weather too!? Please message me using the contact sheet and tell me what you have been up to!

I am not receiving as many photos from you as I was which I love to look at and share on our web page for others to see. Please send me photos of your work or just of yourselves, or things you are getting up to. I would love to see your little faces! smiley


Missing you lots! Take care


Miss Webb

Miss Webb's Earthquake building experiment

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Picture 1

Hi guys!!


Welcome back! I hope you are all well and have had a good week and maybe managed to enjoy the great weather!

Hope you enjoy the learning I put on for you this half term, there will be another experiment coming up.


Keep smiling, thinking of you all.


Miss Webb

Check out this amazing video of one of your class mates doing their volcano experiment! Well done! 


Still image for this video
We are all missing you so much that the adults at Unity have made a special message for you! Please have a look and click the link below. We hope you like it smiley

Wow guys! Your work is looking fantastic, you are making me very proud!



Contact Miss Webb

Welcome to Year 3!

Welcome to King class team!

Class Teacher: Miss Webb

Class LSA: Mrs Hicks

One to one support: Mrs Slade


Our PE days are Monday and Thursday. Please send your child to school in their full PE kits on these days. This should be a plain white T-shirt, plain black or grey shorts or jogging bottoms, suitable footwear with their unity jumper or cardigan.

There is a tuck shop available to children during the morning break, which sells a variety of healthy snacks that children can purchase. The snacks include fruit, milkshakes, wraps/sandwiches and change daily. Alternatively, children can bring in their own healthy snacks from home.

There are numerous water fountains that children can access or children can bring an extra bottle of water which will be kept by the sink in the classroom.


World Book Day 2020

King class were excited about World Book Day!

They went to Year 2 to read the children there some stories in their costumes!

Summer Term 2020


What makes the Earth angry?

Spring Term 2020


Would you rather be a Myth or a Legend?


This spring term, King class has looked at two different time periods in History. Firstly, we looked at Ancient Greece. The children researched the Greek Gods and Goddesses and created fact files on them. We also looked at the timeline of events, during this time period and also looked at some Greek artefacts.


Next, we learnt the myth 'Theseus and the Minotaur'. The children then put a lot of work into imagining that they were an Athenian child who was sent to be sacrificed by the Minotaur. They wrote letters home to say goodbye to their family.
We got creative with the topic and took our learning outside to create our own Minotaur maze and we also made Minotaur heads!
Our DT project was to make the Greek dip Tzatziki, which many of you came to lend us a hand with.
We were very lucky to have a visit from an expert on Ancient Greece! The children completed a quiz, Greek puzzles and board games and they even had a go at their own Olympic games!

Whilst looking at Anglo Saxon times, the children learnt about how Great Britain was invaded and looked at key events on the time line of this period. They learnt about the Legend of King Arthur and wrote a character description of him.

The children also investigated what it was like to live in Anglo Saxon times, by looking at their jobs and their villages.

The children imagined what it was like to be a child in Anglo Saxon times and wrote  a diary entry about their day.

Autumn Term 2019


What makes a predator fierce?


During this term, King class were involved in finding the answer to this question.

We started by looking closely at some animals and describing them in detail. We wrote about tigers, crocodiles and sharks. We looked at their features, described their appearance and wrote poems about them.

We looked at predators from varying habitats and created some food chains, as well as different skeletons which we compared to the human skeleton.



The children were particularly excited to learn about birds of prey and we created an information booklet about these. We learnt facts about Falcons, Owls, Hawks and Vultures. A particular highlight was the disecting of an owl pellet.

As well as animal predators, the children were keen to investigate predatory plants and were amazed at how plants such as The Venus Fly Trap and Pitchers Plants capture their prey.


As part of our Science focus this term, we looked at light, reflective materials, reflection and sun safety.


We also got creative and sketched our favourite animal predator as well as painting them and finally building a model out of clay.