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Click on the link below and watch the video called 'lesson 2 - measure length (1)'.

Activity 1

Can you find objects around you to measure? Choose non-standard units to measure the objects.

Describe the length using the units. Remember to measure with units that are the same length.


  • My book is equal to 10 cubes long.

  • My desk is equal to 5 sticks long.

  • My bed is equal to 12 hand-spans long.

  • My brother is equal to 9 hand-spans tall.

Activity 2 and 3 are optional if you have access to a printer. If you do not have a printer, don't worry, you can continue measuring things around your house or maybe on your daily exercise. I'd love to see some photos of your practical maths learning!

Activities 2 and 3 - optional