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Mental Health Awareness Week

What do we mean by kindness? 

When you think of “being kind” what comes to mind first? Maybe you think about a friend or family member who you know you can rely on for comfort and support, maybe you think of a neighbour who always makes an effort to be friendly when you cross paths, or maybe you think of those who volunteer to help in their communities.

Today’s kindness task is all about being kind to yourself. Being active or doing something you love for 30 minutes a day helps to reduce stress by getting you moving and feeling good. Some activities you could choose: 

  • A 30 minute workout- you could go for a walk, run or bike ride. Do PE with Joe or another workout video
  • Baking- get your sweat on in the kitchen by baking up a storm!
  • Kicking around a football, playing with a frisbee
  • Have a dance (and maybe a singing) session to your favourite songs

Why not have a go at one of these mindfulness activities? 

Try to think of at least one thing you're grateful for everyday.