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Monday 13th July


Today's comprehension has no text to read! Instead, I'd like you to spend some time looking at this picture below. It reminded me of all the ice cream that my son and I have been eating during our time at home!

Then, have a go at answering the questions that follow.

  1. How do you know the female ladies are very good friends?
  2. How do you know the setting for this picture is in Italy?
  3. What season do you think this image was taken in?
  4. Why do you think the ladies are standing up to eat their ice-cream?
  5. Have you ever eaten an ice-cream when you have been on holiday? Tell me about it.

Write the definitions for each of these words. Use a dictionary to help you.

Tick the word that answers the question:


This week, you are going to start to create a booklet about yourselves to give to your teachers in September.


For some of you, you will be introducing yourselves to someone new (Coubertin - Mrs Collitt and Mrs Aitchison). For others, you will be re-introducing yourselves as it's been a long time since you saw your teachers (Addams - Mrs Sibley and Ms Flint).


The first page will be a page of 'Top 5s'

It's completely up to you what you include as this is your opportunity to tell us about yourself!

Here are some ideas:

  • Top 5 favourite things to do at school
  • Top 5 favourite dinners
  • Top 5 favourite Pokemon
  • Top 5 favourite friends
  • Top 5 favourite TV programs


Try to include lots of Top 5s on your page - the more you tell us, the better!

Send a picture via Churchill page and Mrs Sibley will make sure it reaches the right person or keep it secret until September!


This week's maths continues with Shapes and their Properties.


Today is a new property that some shapes have - Lines of Symmetry.


A line of symmetry is a line that cuts a shape exactly in half


This means that if you were to fold the shape along the line, both halves would match exactly. Equally, if you were to place a mirror along the line, the shape would remain unchanged. 


For example, a square has 4 lines of symmetry:

Please watch the learning clip carefully before trying the questions.

Topic - Transition

So, this week's topic is all about moving on from Year 4 into Year 5.

It's a time that can sometimes make us feel nervous but it might be worse this year as some of us haven't been to school for such a long time.


I'd like you to start by thinking about some of your favourite Year 4 memories.

Then, create a framed drawing or piece of art to show your special memory.

You might choose a favourite lesson, a funny moment with friends, a school trip or your favourite teacher/visitor.

Finally, decorate the photo frame. Below are some examples you might like to copy.