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Monday 15th June


Last week, we found out about deforestation in the rainforests, which can be awful for lots of reasons. The native people that live there find it particularly upsetting. Today, I've got some information about one of the tribes that live in the Amazon rainforest. Have a read and then have a go at the activity below.

Match the event to the year and then draw a timeline, labelling the events in chronological (time) order:


This week, we're going to look at 'Standard English.'

'Standard English' is the correct form of English, used in formal speaking or writing.

In school, we are expected to write using Standard English so it's important to know it really well. 

Today's focus is 'did and done' and knowing when to use each one correctly.

Read the table carefully to help you understand how and when each word is used. Then, write out the sentences below in your workbooks, choosing either did or done for the gaps.


This week in maths you are going to be learning about Decimals.

Your learning for today is about Writing Decimals. 

Watch the web link I have attached to help you to understand your questions.

Topic - Black Lives Matter

You might have seen people talking about 'Black Lives Matter' on the TV a lot recently. You might even have heard some people talking about something called 'racism' too. But what does it all mean?

Read through the PowerPoint and then have a go at today's activity - make sure you ask a family member/your teacher to explain anything you don't understand!

So, I think you'll agree that you are ALL important to us at Unity! You are all special and equal, regardless of your skin colour!

Therefore, I would like you to make a poster explaining what exactly makes you special. You should include:

  • A drawing of yourself
  • 5 reasons you are special


Don't forget to send Miss Stanbridge and Mrs Sibley a picture too - these will DEFINITELY put a smile on our faces!