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Monday 23rd March 2020



The Literacy activity today is a game about full stops.  Copy and paste the link and start by playing the beginners game.  Encourage your child to read the words and work out where the full stop goes. 




Full stops go at the end of the sentence. The end of the sentence isn't always at the end of the line.

A capital letter follows a full stop. 

Fred talk the sounds and blend them together... p-i-g- pig. 


Please take pictures and share on Tapestry how you got on.  



Today's activity for Maths is to solve some different addition problems by counting different objects and counting on. Please record your activity in your home learning book and you can take a picture and put it on Tapestry. Remember to put your title as Addition and today's date which:23/03/20.


1. Can you count and write and how many ladybirds are on the leaf?


2. In a football game, Anna's team scored 3 goals. Then Anna scores 1 more goals. How many goals were scored altogether?


3. Azmeer has 5 1p coins in his money box. His grandad gives him 4 more 1p coins. How many coins does he have altogether?


4. There are 6 people on a bus. Then, 2 more people get on the bus. How many people are there on the bus altogether. Use the picture to help you work it out. 




Physical Development


Each day try to do some physical activity.  

Joe Wicks is doing a daily 'PE lesson' at 9am which you can access on YouTube or Facebook. 


Below are some links to Go Noodles that we enjoy doing in class.  


Please share on Tapestry any activity that you are doing.