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Over the next two weeks you will be writing your own setting descriptions influenced by The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (you won’t start writing until next week, we will be focusing on good examples and planning this week).


WAGOLL – look at examples from different books that describe portals and different worlds.
Narnia page 13-15 (C.S Lewis)

Coraline (Neil Gaiman)

Alice in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll)

Harry Potter (JK Rowling).


Using the texts, identify:

  • Genre
  • How character travelled through the portal Setting description
  • 5 senses
  • Any vocabulary that captured your interest 


This week we are focusing on relative clauses, use the PPT pdf to familiarise yourself with this grammar technique then attempt the activity sheet below.

Relative Clauses explained by Mrs Marley

Still image for this video
Mrs Marley, who doesn't like the sound of her own voice, made a learning video for year 5 children.

Modelled examples of relative clauses

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More modelled examples of relative clauses

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Using BBC Bitesize, you will be recapping area and perimeter. Watch the videos on the link below, and attempt the activities on either the website or the activity sheets. There is a challenge for those of you who want to try something a little more tricky. 


We are going to focus on chapter 3 this week of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. Read/listen to the first part of the chapter below.

Chapter 3, pages 30-32

Lesson 1: Chpt 3 30-32

Fill in the blanks:
1.“Why, you goose,” said Susan . . . , “it’s just an ___________________wardrobe, look.”
2.“A jolly good ___________________, Lu,” [Peter] said as he came out again; “you have really taken us in. . . .”
3.“The two elder ones did this without meaning to do it, but Edmund could be ___________________.”

What did the others say after Lucy told them that she’d been gone for hours and hours?
a. They wondered where she had been.
b. Peter scolded her for hiding on them.
c. They said she’d only been in the room a few moments.

d. Edmund told her that he wished she’d been gone for hours.

What did the children find when Lucy showed them the wardrobe?
a. fur coats

b. pine trees

c. snow
d. a lamp post


Who made fun of Lucy about her story of the wardrobe?
a. Edmund
b. Peter
c. The Professor

d. Susan


Today we are focusing on the places within the UK. Read through the PPT pdf and complete the below activities as you progress.


Get active with Joe Wicks or Oti Mabuse