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Imagine you are required to be evacuated, similar to the children in ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’. I would like you to complete a diamond of importance using either of the examples on the LA or MA sheet, 


Once you’ve done your diamond using those examples, please complete your own suitcase using your own ideas and what you would take with you if you were evacuated during WW2.


This week you will focusing on modal verbs and adverbs. Look through the pdf ppt for the examples and guidance, you have touched on this before. Mrs Marley has also gone through it for you as well, then complete the activity sheet below.

Mrs Marley explaining Modal Verbs and Adverbs

Still image for this video

Modelled examples of Modal Verbs

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Multiply unit and non-unit fractions by an integer
Using the BBC Bitesize website, go through the lesson examples and video to complete the activity below. You can also attempt the board game and play with your family at home. 


We are continuing ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ and moving onto chapter 5. So far, both Lucy and Edmund have entered Narnia, we have been introduced to Mr Tumnus and The Queen...the two elder siblings, Peter and Susan, have not entered ;

Narnia and didn’t believe Lucy’s adventure took place.


Let’s see how this story will progress, then answer the questions below.


Chapter 5 51-53

Lesson 1 Chpt 5 51-53 (...find Lucy)

1. Find the words which describe how Edmund was feeling (p51)

2. What does 'spiteful' mean? Can you find a synonym for it?

Spiteful =

Synonym =

3. Can you match the idiom definitions?


1 “Out of her mind”                                  A: Don’t interfere in other people’s affairs

2 “At their disposal”                                 B: Surprised, shocked 

3 “Minding our own business”                 C: Within easy reach of, for use by

4 “Taken aback”                                      D: Recover control of one’s emotion

5 ”Made up his mind”                              E: Not in one’s right mind, mad

6 “Pulled herself together”                      F: Make a decision, decide

4. What do these words mean? Find the meaning of the following words in the dictionary.
Snigger =
Savagely =

Nonsense =

Jeering =

Nagging =



Go through the PPT on evacuation, I think you already know a good amount on this, then complete the activity sheets answering the investigation boxes focusing on the different ‘hats’ that can be applied when researching information.