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Imagine you are living in London during the Blitz and your father is fighting in the war. You are living with your mother and brother/sister. Your neighbours house has just been bombed and you are about to be evacuated to a farm in the countryside.


Use your knowledge from last week and ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’ so plan the first part of your diary entry. The planning sheet below will help you layout your ideas ready for the write up later in the week. 



This week we are focusing on adverbials during our SPAG lessons, go through the PPT and watch the video tutorial from Mrs. Marley to explore this focus and then attempt activity 1 and 2. 

Mrs Marley explaining Adverbials

Still image for this video

Mrs Marley modelling adverbials

Still image for this video


Representing decimals as fractions 

Follow the link below to BBC BITESIZE for your daily maths lessons continuing on fractions, Remember, you can always log onto Mathletics as well, the activity can be printed otherwise attempt the first activity on the website then log into Mathletics so you don’t need to print anything. 


Either read or listen to the first part of chapter 6 from ‘The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe’

Chapter 6 62-64

Now answer the questions below:

1.    Why is Susan feeling horribly cramped?

2.    Why is it cold in the wardrobe?

3.    Why were the children 'blinking in the daylight'?

4.    How do you think the children felt at the end of P64? Draw a picture of their faces showing the expression they may have.


Go through the PPT pdf, focusing on how London has changed over time. Complete the activity sheet by matching the facts to the correct year, you can choose your challenge within the activity sheets and find the answers within the same document.


As an additional challenge, can you create a timeline of the events after completing the table.