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Poetry Week

We will be focusing on one poem this week and by Friday you’ll have written your own version, remember, creativity is the key to poetry this week.

Read through ‘The Door’ poem by Miroslav Holub then go through the comprehension activity. 


This week you will be focusing on perfect verbs, go through the pdf ppt, pay close attention to page 3, 4 and 5 then complete the activity below.


Auxiliary verbs come before the verb and in the perfect verb form, the verb ‘to have’ is the auxiliary verb used. The auxiliary verbs are coloured orange:
 Mary has sung her solo.
 Mary had sung her solo recently.
 Mary will have sung her solo by tomorrow.
The present perfect is formed by placing the auxiliary verb ‘have’ or ‘has’ in front of the past form of the verb, (e.g. I have visited London). 


Recognising and understanding percentages
This is a recap lesson on percentages, go through the examples and learning on the BBC Bitesize website, then complete the interactive activity and quiz. You can also extend on your learning by completing the activity sheet or log into Mathletics.


We’re going to begin chapter 8 this week, so either read or listen to the next section then answer the questions below.

Chpt 8 86-88

Ch8 p 86 - p88 'I'm to lead you...'

1. How did Mr Beaver know that Mr Tumnus had been 'taken off by the police'?

2. What happens to people who are taken to the Queen's House?

3. Where are the statues?
❑ in the hall
❑ in the garden
❑ in the kitchen
❑ up the stairs
❑ in the bedroom
❑ in the courtyard

4. Who is Aslan?

5. Where is Aslan at this moment?



Today, you will be focusing on rationing during WW2. You will be able to describe how people’s diets were different during war time. You will compare your current diet, then make one adapted to WW2, and compare the diets. As an extension, you can complete the comprehension on WW2 diets and rationing.