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Monday 29th June


This week, I'd like to travel the world with you all... although we'll have to do it virtually!

First stop, Brazil!

Answer the following questions in your workbooks:

  1. Now that you have read the text, what is your opinion of Brazil?
  2. What does Brazil have that makes it a perfect destination?
  3. Would you like to visit Brazil? Why/Why not?
  4. Why does the travel guide include pictures? What do they add to the text


Find and write the meaning of these words in your workbooks:

  • destination
  • vibrant
  • facilities
  • summit

Extra Challenge:


This week, I'd like us to get creative with our writing, using everything we've learnt so far.

Look carefully at the picture and then complete the task below in your workbooks.

One day, you find this door at the corner of your room. Write a story explaining this and answering the following questions:

  • What do you do?
  • Who uses that door?
  • Where does the door take you?


This week, we are moving onto looking at information and how that can be shown using charts and graphs.

We'll start off by having a look at some charts, making sure that we understand what they are showing us - we are going to Interpret Charts.


There are some activities on this page to choose from - some activities can be printed or you could look at them on a screen and discuss the answers with an adult.

Topic - Science

Today's Science learning will help you to understand how the loudness and pitch of a sound can be changed.

Click the link and work through the activities:

Now, have a go at making your own instruments out of whatever you can find! Below are a couple of simple ideas.

Investigate making sounds with it.

Can you make the sounds louder? Quieter? 

Can you change the pitch?