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Monday 6th


Transition to Secondary School


With the summer holidays approaching, it is perfectly normal to have doubts, fears and worries about starting secondary school. Read through the presentation below and create a list of common worries relating to moving to a new school. The presentation describes many different ways of coping with these fears.



Transition to Secondary School


Open the ‘managing my fears’ document and note down the strategies that you can use to manage doubts and fears linked to changing schools.



Watch the below PowerPoint presentation and modelled example about Modal Verbs, explained by Mrs Marley. Next, attempt the activity below.

Modal Verbs explained by Mrs Marley

Still image for this video

Modelled example by Mrs Marley

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Read the story starter by clicking on the link below. There are several activities based around the text for you to try.


Story starter!

On a quiet day, you can sometimes hear them. Every now and then, there’s be a tapping or a scraping or a rustling from behind the door. Occasionally (if you’re patient enough to sit for the whole day and watch), movement can be glimpsed through the dark windows. Once, just once, the faint sound of whispering in hushed tones was heard.

The boy had spent his entire summer holidays wishing for something to emerge from the mysterious door. He had spent yet another sunny morning hiding in the tall grass at the bottom of his garden just staring at the door, hoping to catch a glimpse of something or someone extraordinary.

The moment he had been waiting for had finally arrived…The door began to slowly creak open…



Calculate angles, including vertically opposite angles

Click on the link to BBC Bitesize below. Learn how to solve problems about angles made between straight lines.

This lesson includes:

  • two videos
  • two worksheets with answers



Get your bodies moving today with Joe Wicks.

PE With Joe | Saturday 4th July