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Holiday in Japan

A Holiday in Japan.

Watch the story or try and read it yourself (turn the sound off). Once you have finished have a go at answering these questions in your purple book. 


1. Why was dad excited? 

2. Where in Japan do they go? How long did it take? 

3. What is Rio's dress called? 

4. Write 3 facts about the temple they visit in Tokyo. 

5. What do they use instead of knives and forks? 

6. What train do they travel on? how fast does it go? 

7. What mountain do they see on their journey to Kyoto? 

8. What can you tell me about the mountain? 

9. At the hotel in Kyoto what is different about their room? 

10. What is the most beautiful building in Kyoto?



Can you find some more facts about Mount Fuji, The golden temple or how to speak Japanese?