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A Day in London by Roderick Hunt

A day out in London

Watch the story or try and read it yourself (turn the sound off). Once you have finished have a go at answering these questions in your purple book. 


1. What 'other surprise' present does Gran bring? 

2. What do the children do with the keyboard? 

3. What do you think mum means when she says 'She's worse than the children'?

4. Where does Gran take the children? 

5. What did Gran think was the best way to get around London? 

6. Who was the statue of in Trafalgar Square? 

7. Where does the Queen live? 

8. Where did they go in the boat? What did they see? 

9. What is a wax works? 

10. What do we learn about Queen Victoria and the Victorian times at the wax works? 

11. Why won't they let Gran in the wax works again? 

12. What did they enjoy the most about their trip to London?