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Why the sun and the moon live in the sky

This story is a tale from Africa. Use the link below to read the story. Once you have finished have a go at answering the questions in your purple book. 


1. Where did the sun and moon live? write in the missing words to complete the sentence: 

The sun and moon lived together on the ________ in a __________ home with an upstairs and a __________. 

2. What did they listen to on the balcony? 

3. Why can't water come and visit the sun and the moon?choose the correct answer

  • because he is too blue 
  • because there is no room 
  • because he doesn't want to 
  • because he doesn't want to play their games  

4. What was moons bright idea? 

5. What other word has a similar meaning to solution? (pick two)

  • answer
  • explanation
  • problem
  • worry

6. Why did the sun and moon need to go upstairs when water came to visit? choose the words that tell us: 

Higher and higher Water went and soon Sun and Moon needed to go up the stairs to the top storey of the house so that they did not drown, but Water just kept on coming, filling up the house with himself and all the fish and sea creatures who lived in him.

7. What did the sun and moon do when there was nowhere else left for them to go? 

8. Why did the sun and moon choose to stay in their new home in the sky?