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The Bully

The Bully

Watch the story or try and read it yourself (turn the sound off). Once you have finished have a go at answering these questions in your purple book. 

The Bully


1. Look at the front cover. What is the girl doing to Biff?

2. Look at page 1. How can you tell that the girl isn’t very friendly?

3. What is the new girl called?

4. Read the following sentences and write down Yes/No


  • Chip scribbled on Rosie’s picture.
  • Rosie took Biff’s crisps and called her toffee apple.
  • Wilma was smaller than Rosie.
  • The magic key glowed when Chip held it.


5. Un-jumble the sentences and re-write them correctly.


Chip. cross with Rosie was


The began children laugh. To


magic The key a face. parrot Rosie gave 


grown-up tell Always about a bullies.




Draw the three things that the Magic Key turned Rosie into.


Look at page 32. What do you think will happen next?


What lesson have you learned from reading this book?