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The Spaceship

The Spaceship

Watch the story or try and read it yourself (turn the sound off). Once you have finished have a go at answering these questions in your purple book.


1. Look at the front cover. Who do you think is flying the space ship? 

2. Look carefully at the dream bubble. What is Floppy dreaming about? 

3. What are the alien and his dog called? Can you think of some more words that rhyme with their names? 

4. Look at the alien. Can you describe him? How many arms does he have? What colour is he? etc

5.  Do you think that Floppy wants to go into space? Find and copy the words that tell you this. 

6. What is floating all around them in space? Describe them.

7. 'We're in danger' said Zog. What does 'danger' mean? write a definition. 

8. How does Floppy save them? What does he do? 



Whoosh and Crash are both types of onomatopoeia. This is a word that, when spoken, sounds like the noise it is trying to describe. Can you think of 5 more 'sound' words or onomatopoeia's?