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The Cautious Caterpillar

Read or watch the story and then have a go at answering these questions in your purple book. 


1.  What type of creature is Cody at the beginning of the story?

2. How many legs does Cody have when she is a caterpillar?

3. Can you name two creatures that Cody speaks to about becoming a butterfly?

4. What creature does Cody change into?

5. When Cody is still a caterpillar, what does she say about the idea of flying?

6. Why doesn’t Cody want to become a butterfly?

7. What does the grasshopper say having six legs is plenty for?

8. What was the name of the ‘yummy’ food the bee was sipping?

9. What does Cody finally do that is very brave?

10. How long does Cody stay as a chrysalis for?

11. Why does Cody tell the caterpillar not to worry at the end of the story?

12. What is the setting of the story?

The Cautious Caterpillar