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In the Garden

Answer the questions. Remember to start the answer with  Capital letter and  add full stops at the end.


1. Where were the children playing when the magic key began to glow? 

2. Why did everything look big?

3. Who drove the toy car?

4. How did the children get away from the cat?


5. Went is underlined because it is a verb. A verb is a doing  word. It describes what someone or something did.

Kipper went into Chip’s room.


Circle the verbs below.


Picked        come        run         magic        children    dad 

  grass      called        big       climbing     ride      car      took      cat     bottle      go       Said        hot        ran      slugs strawberries       feel    lips      key      chip      began      


6. True or False

1. Kipper found the magic key  in Chip’s room.


2. Biff and Chip were playing with  Mum and Dad.


3. The  children got bigger  when the magic began to work .


4. The grass was like a jungle  .


5. Giant slugs ate the strawberries