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Listen to this page of the story. 

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Change the word!

But he was wrong. Something dreadful had happened. A great big oak tree that had stood by itself on top of a little hill had been blown over by the storm.


The giant tree had been one of Percy’s favourites. Now it looked very sad lying on its side with its mass of tangly roots sticking up into the air. But it wasn’t just one of Percy’s favourite trees; some of Percy’s friends lived there. Now their homes were wrecked.


Percy hurried up to the fallen tree.


Look at the words highlighted in yellow. Read the word. What does it mean? 


Can you think of another word that would fit instead of the word in yellow? Write your new words in your purple books. 


For example:


Something dreadful had happened. 

Something terrible had happened. 





Read the section of story out loud, using your new words!