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School Closure Support

If for any reason there is a need for full school closure, this page will provide you with valuable support information and wider community guidance. 


Local Support


Ideas for staying active at home: - This includes details of school nurse text support service for parent/carers and young people.


ECC Every Family Matters - Every Family Matters is a dedicated campaign aimed at supporting and reassuring parents, carers, children and young people in Essex during the coronavirus outbreak.  We will be signposting to relevant guidance and resources on the ECC website across three key areas – children’s mental health and wellbeing, young people and social distancing as well as online safety, using our own and shared channels.



Essex Welfare Service

A new Essex Welfare Service is now available for those in the county in need of urgent support during the Coronavirus outbreak. It is also the place to report anyone in the Essex area who you are concerned about.


Contact - 0300 303 9988 (Mon-Fri 8am-7pm and Sat-Sun 10am-2pm)

[email protected]


Domestic Violence Support

Next Chapter (formerly known as Colchester & Tendring Women's Refuge) is a domestic abuse charity working across the areas of Tendring and Colchester. They provide free and confidential services to support people who are currently experiencing, or have previously experienced domestic abuse.


You can access via a webchat service to our website which we can respond to Monday to Friday, between 9.30 am and 12.30 pm, and 1.30 pm and 4.00 pm which is a good way to get some support but remaining anonymous to start with.


Contact - 0330 333 7444 

Mental Health Support

Looking after your mental health during this time is really important. Here are some ideas and places to reach out to for support if you feel overwhelmed or anxious.


Check in with people regularly
Being at home can be isolating; ensure you and your friends/family have regular check-ins by phone or online. Sometimes a friendly voice makes all the difference.


Look after your body
Your physical health really affects how you feel. Try to make sure you and your family eat healthy, well-balanced meals, drink enough water, sleep well and exercise regularly. Try and get outside for a walk or a run.


Do not stay glued to the news
Try to limit the time you spend watching, reading or listening to coverage of the outbreak, including on social media, and think about turning off breaking-news alerts on your phone. Perhaps set yourself a specific time to read updates or limit yourself to checking a couple of times a day. Use trustworthy sources – such as GOV.UK or the NHS website – and fact-check information from the news, social media or other people.


Take time to relax
Youtube has a range of free online yoga classes and guided meditations. Try to set aside time in a space in the house away from the family - perhaps a hot bath or to read a magazine.


Keep your mind active
Now is the time to learn a new skill, or continue with something you never usually have time to do. Read, write, play games, do crosswords, complete Sudoku puzzles, finish jigsaws, or try drawing and painting.  The BBC are helping you learn a new language